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In-House Pet Laboratory

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Village Veterinary Center

In-House Pet Laboratory in Youngsville, LA


When people become ill or injured, they visit a doctor, describe their symptoms, and obtain treatment. It’s not always so simple when it comes to pets. Because our animal companions are unable to communicate, they are unable to inform us when anything is bothering them. Furthermore, many animals may hide signs of disease for extended periods of time. Meanwhile, the illness can progress and worsen.

We rely on veterinary diagnostics to receive the information we need in situations like these. We can conduct an in-depth evaluation of your pet’s health, both outside and inside, using these methods and technology. We can diagnose and treat health concerns in your pet more quickly if we have a thorough picture of his or her condition. Faster identification of disease or injury might greatly improve your loved one’s chances of a positive outcome. Village Veterinary Center provides a wide range of routine and advanced diagnostic procedures.

In-House Laboratory

Our hospital has an on-site diagnostic laboratory, which allows us to perform a wide range of tests quickly and efficiently. We can get results in a matter of minutes in many circumstances. This means we can start working on a treatment plan before you and your pet ever leave the exam room. The capacity to perform blood testing, urinalysis and other tests in-house is extremely useful in emergency situations where time is important. As part of your pet’s wellness care, laboratory work is also available for routine health checks.

Advanced Imaging

In some cases, a physical examination and laboratory tests are insufficient to accurately determine your pet’s condition. As a result, we provide advanced imaging services as well. We can use these instruments, such as x-rays and ultrasound, to examine inside your pet’s body and figure out exactly what’s wrong. Imaging can be used to assess the bones and internal organs and discover injuries, diagnose illnesses, and assess their severity. Our doctors can study images in real-time and, if necessary, share them online with specialists.